What We Do

Business incubation is a proven tool for regional economic growth. Our unique cluster of commercial space, business counseling and technical assistance, and wide-ranging network of partners can provide a critical framework to help entrepreneurs meet their business goals. We continually look for opportunities to expand and strengthen our services, facilities, and other resources. Our business clients continue to expand and grow, which creates a great driver for the SBI’s work. 


"The Shoals Business Incubator gave me the launchpad I needed to take my business from a new product to being featured on the Home Shopping Network. SBI's support and network cannot be overstated."

— Ashley Morrow, Inventor of Alchemy Jewelry Sealer


Is your dream to start your own business…or do you have a business you’d like to take to the next step? The Shoals Business Incubator might be able to help!

SBI provides basic shared and individual services that businesses need to start, expand, and create quality jobs. Office and light manufacturing space is available at below-market rate and often include shared office and specialty equipment and services that businesses would otherwise be unable to afford to purchase or lease on their own.

At the same time, staff encourages entrepreneurs to network with each other, sharing information and generating joint ventures (e.g. such as buying supplies together) that will enable them to enjoy economies of scale typical of much larger businesses.

Business consulting services are also available to tenants at low-to-no cost rates.


"We found a home for our business to grow at SBI."

-Belinda and Marty Duke

If you become an incubator client, the following are a few of the services included:

  • Office and/or warehouse facilities
  • Introduction to business professionals
  • Utilities are provided for office facilities
  • Executive style office desk(s) as well as other office furnishings such as file cabinets and bookcases when available
  • Telephone Service including unlimited long distance
  • High Speed Internet via dedicated fiber
  • Access to Office Equipment (e.g. postage machine, copier, etc.)
  • Conference Room with WIFI and audio/visual technology
  • Use of common areas (e.g. break room, etc. with janitorial services provided for these areas)
  • Access to Notary Public

There’s more! Contact us today for additional information about the services we offer our tenants…and let’s get started building your business!