Digital Arts Shoals 

DASH is a video production facility in Northwest Alabama whose primary focus is to stimulate creative video expression and encourage the growth of digital arts content creation businesses. Our primary goal is to make the studio very accessible and super friendly to content creators.


Frequently Asked Questions


DASH STUDIO is in beautiful Northwest Alabama. Our studio is part of the Shoals Business Incubator at 3115 Northington Court, Florence, AL 35630.

What does DASH stand for?
Digital Arts Shoals.

Cost to Rent

How much does it cost to rent DASH?
Rental is $200 a 12 hour day plus a small fee paid directly to the Studio Manager (who must be on-site the entire day).

What do we get for our full day rental?
You get…a safe, clean, well lit studio space with Video Production Lights on a small grid hung above the studio set. These lights are on a dimmer, so they are adjustable. You also have access to video production lights (on stands) that can be adjusted to your needs as well. We have three sets available for you to shoot in (green screen, classroom, and tv interview set). We also have two dressing rooms, great parking, two conference rooms, access to vending machines and a kitchen with refrigerator. The space is NOT soundproof, but there is very little ambient noise to creep into your audio. There is a soundproof booth for voice overs. It’s a great location for shooting video.

Are there any other charges BEYOND studio rental that we are required to pay?
Yes. You must ALSO pay to have the Studio Manager on site for the day. The fee is very reasonable, but the Studio Manager MUST be there to unlock the studio, turn on lights, answer questions, and even serve as crew for your shoot, if needed.

Am I required to book the “Studio Manager” if I book DASH STUDIO?
Yes. Studio Manager can serve as a camera person, crew, knows where all lights are, gear, and can answer all questions you may have.

So… I must pay for the DASH Studio AND The Studio Manger? 

What Do I Get?

This is a permanent (painted walls and floor) area approximately 10’ tall by 18’ wide. Well lit… it will “key” (make the background disappear) very very well.  We have examples of this on our web site.

Does DASH have dressing rooms?
Yes. Two small dressing rooms (with mirrors and a clothing rack). There is also a large restroom down the hall.

Does DASH provide a production meeting room?
Yes. There are two. One is very close to the studio. This can serve as a production meeting room OR as a space to take breaks and eat lunch. The second is much more formal meeting space and includes a large screen HD monitor.

Can I leave gear in the studio overnight?
No. You must bring all your equipment/gear in on the day of the reservation and remove it all by the end of your reserved period.  Someone else will be in the studio tomorrow.

Does my fee include clean-up?
No. Please leave the studio neat, orderly, and clean as you’d like to find it when you arrive.


I have a large crew. How is parking?
Fantastic! We have a large parking area.

Loading and Unloading

Do you have a loading dock?
No, but we have wide doors that most gear can get through.


Does DASH edit the footage we shoot?
No. You are responsible for editing.  A list of experienced freelance editors is available upon request.

Gaffer and Grip

DASH STUDIO has lights on a grid above and on stands. Is there any problem with us bringing additional gaffer/grip truck gear in for the shoot?
Nope. That’s great.  Bring anything you need to make your content amazing.

Shooting and Camera

Does DASH provide a camera and camera person with Studio Rental?
No.  You must book the camera person and their camera yourself. A list of experienced freelancers is available upon request.


Does DASH STUDIO provide a professional audio person with Studio Rental?
No. You must book a professional audio person yourself. Most cameras have “built in audio” and this may be acceptable for your video production project. If not, a list of experienced freelancers is available upon request.

Full Day Rental or Half Day

Can I rent DASH for a Half Day?
Yes. Half Day rental is six hours. This rental INCLUDES your load in and out time. If you go beyond six hours, you will be charged for a 12 hour day.  The fee is $100 for a half day.

Can I rent DASH for a Full Day? 
Yes.  Full day is 12 hours.  The fee is $200

I’ve booked a day of shooting at DASH STUDIO, but don’t have a lot of video experience.  Do you have a checklist of things I should do BEFORE the day of shooting?
Yes. A checklist for first-timers is available upon request.

…dedicated fiber makes bandwidth hungry tasks like live-streaming video and uploading 4K videos to Vimeo and YouTube easier to deal with. Whether I’m doing a multi camera, live-switch show in front of the Green Screen, or pushing full resolution dailies for client review, the DASH Studio has what I need.
— Jim Torres, 4 Mile Post
Digital Arts Shoals Studio has given me the ability to create REAL green screen magic. The studio has been a terrific environment to work on STEVE TRASH SCIENCE videos for our team. It’s affordable and designed with lots of room to get stuff done. It has become our ‘go to’ studio. We love it.
— Stephen B. Richerson, Concrete Dream Inc.